Second Star

Second Star

"Sullivan builds tension and excitement in this space opera refashioning of Peter Pan." -Publisher's Weekly

Peter Pan has never been one to follow the rules. Abandoned as a child, he was adopted by the renowned Captain Hooke to join the crew of the starship Jolly Roger. But when Peter finds out that the elegant Captain is not as upstanding as everyone believes, he has no choice but to sabotage the ship, alienating him from the crew, the fleet, and the only family he’s ever known.

Wendy Darling has worked her entire life to rise through the ranks of the prestigious Londonierre Brigade. Now as a Captain, she has everything she’s always wanted, including a ship and crew of her own. But when the Brigade receives a strange transmission from the legendary James Hooke, lost a hundred years earlier in uncharted space and presumed dead, Wendy is willing to risk it all to rescue her hero from the ageless planet known only as Neverland.

But there is more to Neverland than meets the eye, and more to Hooke than what was written in history books. When Wendy crash lands on the ominous planet, she quickly discovers Neverland’s dark secret; a malevolent being known as The Shadow looking to escape its eternal prison. To fulfill her mission, Wendy must decide who to trust--the dashing Captain or the mysterious Fleet mechanic Pan--and she has to decide quickly...

Before darkness consumes them all.

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About the Book

Sullivan (Alice: The Wanderland Chronicles) builds tension and excitement in this space opera refashioning of Peter Pan. In 2291, orphan Peter is the mechanic aboard the Jolly Roger spaceship under the command of the unstable James Tiberius Hooke. Hooke believes he has finally found the source of immortality on the mysterious planet Neverland, where the green light from the planet’s second star slows down time. An SOS transmission from Hooke reaches Earth 100 years later, and newly minted Capt. Wendy Darling of the Londonierre Brigade Expeditionary Fleet leads a mission to rescue the legendary hero. But when she arrives, she learns that Hooke is not the upstanding figure she’d hoped. Rough-edged Peter and his capable Lost Boys become her unlikely allies in trying to stop an imprisoned evil entity called the Shadow from getting off the planet. Sullivan effortlessly incorporates memorable characters: Tinc is Peter’s fairy-size nanobot, Smee is Hooke’s cybernetic first mate, Johns and Michaels are Wendy’s crew, and Tiger Lily is the kidnapped bride of Neverland’s prince. Sullivan pushes the action in quick, neat chapters from Peter and Wendy’s points of view; depicts flawed but whole characters; and sprinkles in pop culture references. Readers who like riveting space exploration and planetary thrills will be delighted. –Publisher’s Weekly

Genres: Fairy Tale Retelling, Science Fiction, YA
Publisher: Bleeding Ink Publishing
ISBN: 9781948583008
List Price: 13.99
eBook Price: 5.99
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